Meet Our Team


Brian Bearden CEO/Founder

Although he became Deaf literally overnight, losing his hearing while asleep one night at only 3 years old due to unknown causes, Brian didn't discover sign language or Deaf culture until age 21, when the coaching staff of the Gallaudet University football team recruited him away from Western Oregon University. Earlier that year - as the National Deaf community began their ongoing anti cochlear implant crusade, he underwent surgery for a cochlear implant. Having already successfully launched and sold two startups before landing at Gallaudet for his junior year, Brian quickly realized his ego, his lack of even basic sign language, and his cochlear implant would collectively banish him from social function. He made the necessary corrections, is now a fluent signer, and uses his implant to conduct business in the hearing world. Brian has launched startups in the Brewing industry(Grateful Deaf Brewing Co.), the restaurant industry(Bearden's Bar & Grill), the print advertising and direct mail marketing industries(Cut It Out!!), and the bottling and energy drink industry(Thrive Energy Drink, Inc) among others. In addition to his duties as Founder and CEO of Hi 5 Access, Brian also serves as Founder and Executive Director of a non-profit that advocates for equal access to educational and vocational opportunities, and is co-owner of the real estate investment firm RainMaker Homes, Inc. He is a full time  dad to his 14 year old high school footbal phenom son, and their beloved labradoodle.



Robin Shannon Director of Interpreter Recruitment

Born in Sacramento, CA, Robin has lived in several different states and travelled the world extensively. In 2003, Robin went to Gallaudet University and earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in American Sign Language and Interpretation, respectively, both with Summa Cum Laude honors. After finishing his Master’s program in 2009, Robin also received his CDI (Certified Deaf Interpreter) certification and CLIP-R (Conditional Legal Interpreting Permit-Relay) certification in 2010. He was recently certified as a trainer under NCIEC's (National Consortium of Interpreter Education Center)legal interpreting team and CATIE's (Collaborative for the Advancement of Teaching Interpreting Excellence) medical interpreting team. Now, Robin spends most of his time focused on training and mentoring interpreters, but still works as a freelance CDI for general conferences and legal settings all over the nation. 



Ian Scott Director of Accounts Management

Ian Scott was born in Germany to two Air Force veterans but is proud to call the Pacific Northwest home. While he now resides in Gresham, OR, he was raised in Sheridan and educated in Forest Grove at Pacific University, where he graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Japanese. Ian has an affinity for languages and is fluent in Japanese after studying it since elementary school and living in Japan as a young man. Now he is thrilled to learn ASL and more about the Deaf/HH culture as part of the Hi5 team. In his free time, Ian writes creatively and is learnign to play the piano while also building up his ever-growing library with his partner in crime, Scout.


Adams Photo v2.JPG

Adam Jackson Accounts Coordinator

Born in Oklahoma, Adam received his degree in politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and quickly turned the liberal arts degree into a career waiting tables. After a few years in both southern and northern California, Adam made his way to the Pacific Northwest while working in fundraising development for numerous non-profits. Prior to his current role as an accounts coordinator for Hi 5 Access, he worked as a recruiter for a multi-language services company, resourcing talented interpreters from all over the globe. In his free time, he enjoys a simple life with his wife Jessie, two dogs and a very old cat.



Terry Tipsord Accounting Consultant

A graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University and later, Western Seminary, Terry began working with businesses and nonprofits creating training venues for leadership development and leading them through the process of redesigning procedures and systems that foster greater efficiency and profitability. Terry has worked as the director of an adult career training school for bookkeepers and for eight years as an Instructor/Advisor at the Small Business Development Center at Mt. Hood Community College. In 2006 he began his own bookkeeping business called Daybreak Business Development, Inc. and as a bookkeeper, an instructor and as an advisor currently promotes financial responsibility and faithful stewardship among businesses, the self-employed and nonprofits by helping them adhere to accepted principles of bookkeeping and accounting. 


Alex Photo.JPG

Alex Gaiser Director of Captioning Services

After graduating from Carrol College, Alex joined the peace corps and spent the next three years living in El Salvador. Opting to stay after the Peace Corps decided to pull all personell from the country, Alex continued his dedication to service by working for Habitat for Humanity. In his off time, Alex enjoys drinking craft beers, reading, and riding his motorcycle. He has a particular soft spot for Gene Wolfe and has converted Ian into an avid fan as well.  They both spend too much office time debating his literature.