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On-site ASL Interpreters. Video Remote Interpreting. Communication Access Real-time Translation. Typewell


On-site Sign Language Interpreters

An on-site sign language interpreter is a person who interprets between a spoken and a signed language. In practice, an interpreter will act as the go-between for a Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual and an aural person. The interpreter will both voice for the Deaf consumer, and communicate what is being said into sign language.

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Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting, often referred to as “VRI” is a video telecommunication service that utilizes a two-way video call to provide remote sign language interpreting between Deaf and hearing individuals. This is different from the Video Relay Service, or “VRS” which is an FCC-regulated service allowing Deaf or Hard of Hearing individuals to utilize phone systems.

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Real-Time Captioning Services

Real Time Captioning is a type of communication accommodation provided to individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and are also known as text-based accommodations, or speech-to-text services. These services can come in a variety of formats, but operate similarly to the closed captioning seen on live television. As an individual speaks, their words are transcribed and provided to a consumer in real time.

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